Glengarry Chairs



Glengarry Chairs With Fabric/Bonded Leather Seat

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Wood & Stains Upholstery

Sizes Available

P-GG20FS Glengarry Side Chair With Fabric Seat - 20-1/2Wx41-1/2Hx22-1/2D
P-GG21FS Glengarry Arm Chair With Fabric Seat - 24Wx41-1/2Hx22-1/2D
P-GG20WS Glengarry Side Chair With Wood Seat - 20-1/2Wx41-1/2Hx22-1/2D
P-GG21WS Glengarry Arm Chair With Wood Seat - 24Wx41-1/2Hx22-1/2D
P-GG20LS Glengarry Side Chair With Leather Seat - 20-1/2Wx41-1/2Hx22-1/2D
P-GG21LS Glengarry Arm Chair With Leather Seat - 24Wx41-1/2Hx22-1/2D