Handstone 10 Year Limited Warranty

While many of today’s furniture manufacturers have embraced techniques for producing high volume, low cost products, we at HANDSTONE are firmly committed to using the finest materials and providing the highest level of craftsmanship in everything we do.

         “We refuse to compromise”

Every piece of HANDSTONE furniture has been designed, engineered and manufactured to be enjoyed for generations.

         “Solid wood…built-to-order…one piece at a time”

Our commitment is clear, HANDSTONE…Crafted for Life.

We have the highest degree of confidence in our products and offer to the original purchaser, under normal household use, 
the following limited warranties.

10 YEAR WARRANTY – Construction and Workmanship
Solid wood furniture has many natural and distinctive characteristics. The beauty of heirloom quality, solid wood furnishings is the variations in wood grain and/or color, the expansion and contraction that can occur as humidity levels fluctuate and the natural changes in color (patina) over time. These are normal characteristics that contribute to the authenticity of solid wood and are not considered defects.

3 YEAR WARRANTY – Foam Material in seat cushions and inside backs.

1 YEAR WARRANTY – Fabric, leather, and non-furniture related components (cabinet lighting, power bars, TV lifts)

Exceptions not covered under warranty:

  • Normal wear and tear 
  • Misuse/abuse, delivery or transportation damage, improper storage or any condition resulting from improper maintenance, cleaning or care 
  • Scratches or dents caused by dropping or sliding rough or heavy objects across surfaces, not using protection under unusually hot or cold objects, leaving wet items on a table tops for extended periods. Although we use the best, most durable finishes, they are not impenetrable.
  • Excessive shrinking, cracking, planking or warping resulting from the lack of or too much humidity in the home (minimum 35%RH to maximum 55%RH)
  • Damage to finished surfaces that result from the use of products that contain  waxes/silicone or harmful chemicals 
  • Fading caused by prolonged, direct exposure to sunlight 
  • Defects that occur with fabrics and leather that have been subjected to chemical treatments or protective coatings. Tears, pilling, fading, shrinking or flattening of the nap 
  • Any unauthorized repairs or alterations

All warranty coverage must be arranged through the authorized HANDSTONE retailer where the purchase was made. Warranty work will be performed at the HANDSTONE factory or a designated local repair center at reasonable and customary labour rates. This decision will be made between HANDSTONE and the authorized retailer at time of service.

Warranty is limited to the repair of the product and/or replacment of parts. In the event exact replacement parts are no 
longer available, HANDSTONE reserves the right to substitute parts of equal value.

During the first year of coverage, HANDSTONE will cover reasonable costs to transport goods to and from the retailer and the 
HANDSTONE factory or designated local repair center. After the first year, this cost will be the consumer’s responsibility.

DUE TO THE CUSTOM NATURE OF OUR PRODUCTS, IT IS THE DEALERS RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE PRODUCTS ARE PRODUCED AS ORDERED AND MEET EXPECTATIONS PRIOR TO DELIVERY TO THE CONSUMER. All costs incurred for transportation to and from a consumer’s home and authorized HANDSTONE retailer, will be the consumer’s responsibility.