Rafters Trestle Table


Rafters 42x84+2-12 Trestle Table

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Wood & Stains

Sizes Available

P-RA4272-2 Rafters 42x72+2-12 Trestle Table -
P-RA4272-3 Rafters 42x72+3-12 Trestle Table -
P-RA4272-4 Rafters 42x72+4-12 Trestle Table -
P-RA4272-SB Rafters 42x72 Solid Top Trestle Table With 2-18” Breadboard Leaves -
P-RA4272-S Rafters 42x72 Solid Top Trestle Table -
P-RA42120-S Rafters 42x120 Solid Top Trestle Table -
P-RA4284-2 Rafters 42x84+2-12 Trestle Table -
P-RA4284-3 Rafters 42x84+3-12 Trestle Table -
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Special Features

  • Breadboard Leaves Configuration
    Breadboard Leaves Configuration2-18'' Leaves (DO NOT SELF-STORE)
  • Center Leaves Configuration
    Center Leaves ConfigurationMaximum of 4-12'' Leaves (2 SELF-STORE)
  • Solid Top Configuration
    Solid Top Configuration