The Handstone Process

From the look, finish, fit and functionality you can tell that one of the trademarks of Handstone Furniture is craftsmanship. It’s something we take old world attention to detail in, but it wouldn’t be possible without our commitment to today’s technology. It starts with the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems to ensure every piece is designed with accuracy and consistency. State-of-the-art CNC machinery is employed so our components are produced with precision. To enhance quality and reduce labour costs we rely on late model equipment in our panel shops. New world and old world combine with the use of both automated sanding and hand sanding of each piece before applying a finish using advanced technologies including post-catalyzed vinyl sealers and post catalyzed conversion varnishes that give our pieces the high quality, consistent finish that is the hallmark of Handstone Furniture.

From the moment you place your purchase to the day you take delivery, custom-designed computer software keeps the whole process on schedule and ensures your furniture arrives exactly as ordered.